Many homeowners who want to decorate their walls choose to go the easy route, with a nautical design scheme for coastal homes or a rustic cabin theme for houses off the beaten path. However, one type of artwork that will guarantee more than a few second looks is the world of indigenous, native artwork, which can be eye-opening, affordable, and always unique.

Also, the options don't end with paintings, but pottery and other fixtures can add a chic, cultured flair to your home:


Many indigenous art dealers carry a wide variety of paintings, and what might be more interesting than the subject matter is the media itself. As opposed to the Western styles of oil on canvas or watercolor, native art can be found using rougher, thicker inks on more rustic media, like wood or pottery. Also, it is still possible to get a work commissioned through an indigenous art dealer as well, meaning the possibilities are truly endless. 

Wall Fixtures

Wall decor doesn't have to end with paintings, however, as many native groups are known for producing anything from beautiful sconces to arrows that are perfect for decorating the wall. Preserved antlers from various animals native to your specific region are also guaranteed to bring a local flavor to your home decor that will work anywhere in the country, and of course add a wonderful, tasteful edge to your decor. 


Of course, the first thing one thinks of when indigenous art is the subject is pottery, and the ways to use indigenous pottery around the home are endless. For starters, a locally designed pot, urn or jug is the perfect way to add an interesting vibe to an empty coffee table or your kitchen counter.

For a more unique effect than simply placing the piece on a table, try putting a plate or pot in a shadow box with a light underneath, as this can highlight the rough, rustic nature of the piece, enhancing its appeal as an indigenous work. 

Native artworks are perfect for keeping your home decor from looking two-dimensional and boring. From paintings to pottery and everything in between, there are a multitude of ways to incorporate the unique talents and tastes of local indigenous artists into your home in a way that pays homage to a culture that far predates Western influence in your area.

If you want to spice up things around your home, your first stop should absolutely be at a local dealer of native, indigenous artworks. To learn more, contact a company like Cheryl's Trading Post with any questions you have.