Buying and selling art is usually more about the skill of building a network of clients that all trust you, rather than the art itself. If you find that your sales are dropping or that you are not attracting the same number of people to your art gallery shows as you have in the past, here are some ideas that you can use to revive your gallery and bring new clients in.

1. Mix Up Your Gallery Openings

One way to increase the amount of interest in your gallery shows and openings is to change up the type of show that you are having. There are many different ways that you can do this without having the take the art into consideration. You could offer a day-long gallery show, with a special time for parents to bring their children in and show them the art. During this time, you should have different activities that children can take part in and more staff on hand to make sure that the children don't inadvertently harm the artwork. If you make a regular series of shows that are friendly to children, with the more adult activities at night, then you might be able to cultivate a new set of clients that are parents.

Another idea is to refrain from serving the usual wine and cheese and instead serve other foods that reflect the artwork that you are currently showing. If you are showing a lot of artwork from Europe, serve a selection of foods that offer slices of European culture. 

Finally, you can invite unusual VIP guests to your gallery shows. Letting it slip to some of your clients that a certain local celebrity or interesting public figure is coming will likely result in enough word of mouth circulation that your attendance will spike.

2. Have a Month Where People Can Borrow Art

During one or two months of the year, allow people to borrow a piece of artwork and display it in their homes. This will increase the exposure of the artwork to the general public because people will visit homes that have the artwork and ask about it. There's a good chance that people will become so fond of the artwork that they will want to keep it after the month and purchase it.

3. Have Educations Sessions

Start a lecture circuit at your gallery that invites art historians and art teachers to come give lectures about different topics to educate the public. This will get people into your gallery and encourage them to be more interested in art.

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