Reclaimed wood pieces can be the perfect artistic elements to bring charm and simplicity to your home décor. Look for pieces at vintage sites and antique shops, but also check out galleries and exhibitions for the best wood artifacts to incorporate in your design ideas.

Six style-savvy ways to use rustic wood art around your home are:

1.Charming reclaimed cabinetry. Cabinets made from reclaimed wood are a beautiful and transformative element in the kitchen, bringing a cottage-like feel to your home. These can be updated with unique hardware or convenient features, like racks and turn-tables inside for easy storage.

2.Antiquated architectural elements. Keep an eye out for reclaimed wood architectural elements like moldings and trim at thrift stores and salvage dealers. These can be highlighted in the home for a rustic vibe in a family room or home office. For instance, use recycled oak trim to add a simple chair-rail around the perimeter of your office space.

3.Hand-painted pieces of art. Create a captivating focal point on any wall of the home with hand-painted rustic wood art signage. Look for styles and motifs that reflect the Arts & Crafts era of design to bring retro flair.

4.Re-purposed pallets. Another cool way to achieve a tasteful and rustic décor scheme is to utilize wood pallet upcycles. Whether you use them to build a platform bed frame or if you create a garden swing, these bring a distinctively country-cottage vibe that will make guests feel right at home.

5.Baby blocks. Look for ways to implement basic painted images in a nursery or child's room to bring a very appealing vintage flavor to the room. Pick up basic wood blocks whenever you find them to use as a decorative element in the nursery; refurbish the blocks with a coat of paint and display them on shelves or a dresser-top.

6.Fixed-up fencing. A few pickets of wood fencing make a cool conversation piece in a family room or den. These can be brought in and fixed up for a focal point along a main wall; simply position and secure with nails or brackets. Keep the finish weathered for an authentic touch.

Consider these six ways to integrate reclaimed and rustic wood into your home surroundings. Enjoy a unique wood sign of your family crest, or repurpose wood cabinets to embrace their simple charm and character. Visit a retailer like Heather Roth Fine Art that offers warm and welcoming pieces to use throughout your space.