When you want to decorate your home with artwork, one option is to purchase original art. If you'd like your home to be decorated with something that you can't find anywhere else, original art might be a good idea. However, in some cases, you're better off purchasing artwork that comes in the form of a print instead.

Types of Prints

There are two main types of prints: prints that are mass-produced and prints that are imposters. Some artists will create artwork, especially digital artwork, with the goal of mass producing them. There are also technologies meant to replicate prints to make them seem like they're original. The best way to avoid imposters is to get in contact with the original artist or to only work with a reputable seller. 

Cost Considerations

Original artwork tends to be much more expensive than prints. There might be some artists who are creating original pieces for very little money, but if an artist is selling both his or her original artwork and prints, the original artwork will usually cost more. The prints will look just as beautiful as the original piece of artwork. When you frame the prints, they can be just as impressive as an original piece of artwork. 

Art as an Investment

Artwork is sometimes used as an investment. You can usually not receive very much money, if any at all, when you resell a print. However, artwork is often not a great investment. You must preserve the artwork for it to continue to be as valuable. Depending on where you store it, art that is placed in storage might deteriorate in value if extensive measures aren't taken to protect it.

Change Your Prints Regularly

If you find that your tastes change frequently, an original piece of artwork might be a bad idea. Because prints are inexpensive, you can change the prints that you display in your home periodically. You can simply remove an old print from the frame and replace it with a print of the same size.

Don't Miss Out On Art You Love

If there is an original piece of artwork that you wanted, but it has already been sold, there might still be prints available, so you can still decorate your home with a particular piece of artwork that you love.

The original artwork might have original brushstrokes if it was painted. This can sometimes be appealing to some collectors, but if you don't care about this, your best option would be to purchase a framed print instead. Consider a piece such as an original nature lithograph framed print for your home.