Even if you spend a lot of time visiting galleries and museums, you may realize that your loved ones are not always on board with your interests. As a result, you may realize you are buying pictures and attending artistic events on your own. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case. With this list of modern contemporary artists, you can introduce your loved ones to the art you love so much.

Louise Bourgeois

The French-American artist Louise Bourgeois created beautiful sculptures. One of her most prominent pieces is a series of large spider sculptures. The spiders sit in several locations around the world. Her art expresses depression and anxiety.

Njikdeka Akunyili Crosby

Crosby is a Nigerian-American artist with an immigrant's approach to work. Crosby uses a lot of colorful pieces to create collage paintings that reference Nigeria as well as America. Crosby's work has sold for millions of dollars, with one of her most popular pieces being called The Beautyful Ones.


Banksy is perhaps the most well-known modern artist thanks to pop culture. While we know that Banksy is British, we do not actually know his identity. His graffiti art and stenciled artwork has become incredibly prominent in the art world. If you have a family member who loves street art, Banksy is a great choice because his works are widely recognized, even by those who might not have intimate knowledge of art.

Yoshimoto Nara

Nara is a Japnese artist known for utilizing pop culture in his paintings, drawings, and sculptures. His work is often inspired by manga, anime, punk rock figures, and even Disney works. Nara's most popular works is called Light My Fire. A variety of videos, books, and magazines feature Nara's work.

Takashi Murakami

If you have a loved one who is intrigued by Andy Warhol's work, he or she will fall in love with the work of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Murakami creates abstract works that reference pop culture, including manga and anime.

John Currin

One of America's most prominent painters is John Currin. Currin uses women as his subjects to create pictures that are both beautiful and grotesque. Some of Currin's pieces are based on advertisements and others are based on Renaissance paintings.

As your loved ones develop a deeper understanding of the artistic world, you may see them come around to loving art, including galleries, as much as you do. You may even encourage them to purchase artwork of their own. For more information, contact companies like racheltribble.com.